Subtle Yet Bold Earrings

I am not going to deny that I have a weakness when it comes to cute accessories. I probably have a whole collection of earrings alone that I probably haven’t worn yet. My favorite pair recently are the ones that you see on the picture above. They have a nice equal balance of boldness and subtly. I love this pair in particular because I can wear it when I feel like wearing a statement piece without over doing it. Especially when I am not in the mood to make a overly BOLD “lets push the envelope” type statement. Plus, it also gives a nice tie to a simple outfit.




I thought I was in love with the Manchester CHANEL bag but not anymore since this lambskin chevron quilting classic bag crossed my path. I am in love like no other. I need to win the lotto asap or pray that a bountiful check just comes in the mail because a certain chevron quilting classic bag just stole my heart. This bag just had my at gunmetal period, but can you blame me? Just look at this gorgeousness.



How can this not be a Flashback Friday Favorite??? Lets all admit that the first time we ever watched this movie no matter how old we were when this movie came out; we wanted Cher Horowitz’s entire wardrobe. Even Amber had the audacity to wear the exact same dress at the Val party. I remember my 9 year old self searching in every store for a feathered pen like Cher had in the movie. Just to showoff my “cool” status at school. I really wish that the short skirt with high knee stockings will comeback instead of the high wasted granny pants.

Even though it can be little in the preppy side for my taste, I think we can all agree that this is one of our favorite 90s look. Probably deep inside I wanted this look to comeback because my mom kept telling me as a child that I was too young to rock this look, I guess she was right at the time. And who knew that Paul Rudd was going to have a successful career in Hollywood after playing Josh? I sure didn’t; I thought he was just Cher’s nerdy step-brother that just hangs around her house. Of course, I would not forget my favorite scene in the movie:


Can you blame me? Let us never forget that, “it does not say “RSVP” on the Statue of Liberty!”

Mary’s Finds


For those that are addicted to nail polish…mainly glitter nail polish, OPI’s Glitter Off base coat is the best thing that since Betty White. Since recently it has been brought to my attention that Betty White was born before slice bread.

I understand the struggle when it comes to removing glitter nail polish off your nails because more than half of my nail polish collection are mailing glitter and shimmer. I can’t help it; shiny things just somehow always grab my attention. I am sure that we can all relate that we are tired of using more than half of a bottle of nail polish remover. One thing I used to do after treating myself to a mani pedi; that filing the glitter off works as well. Though I do question the well-being of my nail beds after the filing process.

Then, my fellow nail addict who enables my addiction told me about OPI’s Glitter Off. I bought the last bottle at my nearest beauty supply store which I took it as a sign that this product actually works. So, I went home and tried it with my one of my Deborah Lippmann glitter nail polishes. As, we all know in the nail polish addict community that upon removal, Deborah Lippmann has one of the hardest glitter nail polishes to remove.  As if every piece of glitter is hanging on to dear life. Well, when the time came to change my nail color the Glitter Off actually worked! I couldn’t believe it but one thing is you still have to file off a few spec of glitters but nothing drastic.

So, please save your nail beds and save your nail polish for another month because this stuff works. Just go to your nearest beauty supply store and try it out. If you are not satisfied just resale it on eBay.

First Flashback Friday Favorties Goes to…..

hot7Prada’s Spring 2012 Ready to Wear Hot Rod collection!!! I must say that I was happy to be working at Neiman Marcus during my two most favorite collections. One of them happens to be Prada’s Hot  Rod collection. To see this amazing collection in person was beyond words because feeling real craftsmanship and a work of art in your own hands is whole different story.

I think I probably one of the few employees at Neiman’s that saw the items that we were selling in a different level. Every time an item was sold I was hoping that the item was sold to a rightful owner that would take care of the piece of art. I felt lucky for getting paid for looking at the stuff that was on the runway in person from my favorite designers and it was even a blessing for me to see my favorite collection in person too. I really haven’t seen such creativity on a shoe like the shoes in Prada’s Hot Rod collection. The execution of fusing classic automobiles with fashion was very beautifully done by Muccia Prada. Till this day this is still one of my favorite collections that took my breath away.

The Light Weight Trench Coat


My obsession lately has been the light weight trench coat; I don’t know what the official fashion lexicon is but I’m just naming it as I am describing it. I love the lightness of the material which helps with figuring out what outerwear to wear with this confusing Californian Winter weather. Its great for those days when you are not in a blazer or bomber jacket type mood.

There is something about a light weight trench coat that screams coffee dates with your friends or brunch for causal wear. That is what I love about it too! It can be use for both causal and business wear.


For those entrepreneurs that are starting your own business I would never forgot you. A light weight trench coat would be perfect for meeting potential clients. It is a perfect way to look professional but not too professional. It also makes you chic and conveys that you have a sense of style. I feel that this is definitely I must have in every closet because it is a timeless piece and it is going to be a staple in every closet. I know one thing is for sure….I can’t seem to stop wearing mine.


One of My Favorite Things…..


On a nice chill sunny day one of my favorite things to wear is a comfortable silk button up shirt with a pair of dark denim and the Southern Californian essential…a pair of flip flops.

The reason why I do this because I want to avoid looking like a slob but still be comfortable when I’m in the mood to just relax and take an easy day. A silk shirt is easy and loose fitting without looking sloppy. Prints are fun but you need to be careful because sometimes the print might make your shirt look like a pajama top. In this case one of my favorites is my silk hot air balloon printed silk shirt that I got from Target last year on the clearance section for only $10.00.


As for accessories, I would always keep it simple. Either a boyfriend watch or just a simple charm necklace or a simple ring. The key is to never over do the accessories because you will look tacky.


As far as jeans go; I never believe in spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of jeans because in the end they will fade and rip. My favorite pair is from American Eagle for only $29.99. Designer jeans I find difficult when you have a big butt because they will flatten them out. What’s the point in that when one should be proud to have such an asset?


My footwear of choice is my black Havaiana’s. They are so comfortable and on top of that they cost below $40.00. You can get them in Macy’s and Nordstrom Rack. I sometimes would wear my Gucci black leather gladiator sandals but I was in a rush.

So, there you go! You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to not look like a slob.